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About Lingnan Normal University

Geographic Location

Zhanjiang Normal University (hereafter ZNU) and the city where it is located in have privileged location as well as convenient transportation.

Zhanjiang lies geographically at the most southern point of Chinese Mainland, facing Hainan Island and South China Sea, neighboring Guangxi Province and Vietnam. It is not only the only shortest way from Chinese Mainland to Southeast Asia but also one of the 14 coastal cities in China that took the earliest step to open to the world. The city connects itself conveniently with different parts of the world with its airport, railway, superhighway and seaport.

With subtropical climate, Zhanjiang has beautiful scenery and is like in spring all the year round, especially suitable for people from Southeast Asia to live in. As a seaside city, it is abundant with all kinds of delicious seafood, which is quite popular with people from Southeast Asian countries and attracts tourists from all over the world. There are also many places of historical and cultural interest.

ZNU lies in the downtown, neighboring Cunjin Park (one of the eight most famous sights in Zhanjiang). It has very convenient traffic since hospitals, shopping centers, supermarkets and McDonald’s are all available in 10 minutes on foot.



Zhanjiang Normal University is a provincial undergraduate normal university with a long history and profound culture.

Its history can be traced back to the Leiyang Academy, which was founded in 1636. The school evolved from a middle school that began to train teachers in 1904 into Leizhou Junior Normal College in 1978 and gained its present name in 1991. Up to now the university has trained tens of thousands of graduates for all walks of life. The university is a comprehensive four-year undergraduate and multidisciplinary normal university with a variety of disciplines such as liberal arts, science, engineering and administration. In 2007, it successfully passed the assessment with a mark of excellence for its teaching level by the Ministry of Education. In 2010, ZNU was authorized as a newly-listed university for construction of master’s degree conferment by Guangdong Provincial Government.

Strong Teaching Faculty

ZNU has a staff of over 1,446 including 926 full-time instructors, among whom there are 114 professors and 176 with doctorial degrees. The percentage of teachers with advanced professional titles amounts to 41% and that of instructors with master degrees or above amounts to 73%. At present, ZNU comprises 16 schools (departments) offering 49 undergraduate teacher-training and non-teacher-training specialties covering nine disciplines: economics, law, education, literature, history, science, engineering, agronomy and management with a complete talent-training system. The enrolment of full-time students amounts to more than 26,750 including 20,581 undergraduates, and More than 16,000 are matriculated in adult education. It has combined efforts with renowned universities to enroll postgraduates since 1997.


School Conditions

ZNU has excellent school conditions. Its main campus covers more than 80 hectares, with a total area of 400,000 square meters and fixed assets of the teaching apparatus amounting to more than 100 million yuan. The university library has a collection of 1,830,000 volumes of books and periodicals, nearly 2,000 kinds of Chinese and foreign journals as well as more than 22,000 kinds of electronic periodicals. It has also set up Guangdong Educational and Teaching Technique Training Center for University Teachers, the Model Center for Art Education, Advanced Key Lab for Chemistry Teaching, New Materials Engineering and Technology Development Center, Engineering and Technology Development Center for Unique Plant Resources in Areas of Tropical Edge, Provincial Training Base for Primary and Secondary School Teachers, and Guangdong Provincial Teacher-training Base for Vocational Education. Three research centers comprising 42 research institutes were built respectively for Education Science, Chemistry and Material Science as well as Liberal and Social Sciences. In 2003, the school successfully hosted the 6th Collegiate Sports Meet of Guangdong Province. As a result, the school has become a beautiful university with a heavy atmosphere of academy and humanism, characterized as a garden-like seaside university in the south of China.

International Exchange & Cooperation

ZNU attaches much importance to international exchanges and cooperation with other institutions of higher learning. Since 1998 when the university began to recruit overseas students, it has trained over 300 long-term and short-term overseas students. It has developed close cooperative relationships with universities and educational organizations in more than 20 countries and regions such as the United States, the United Kingdom, Japan, Australia, New Zealand, Thailand, Vietnam, Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, South Korea, Indonesia, Hong Kong, Macao, and Taiwan. There are frequent international academic exchanges, professional cooperation, educational training, foreign teacher employment, and students’ cross-cultural exchanges with foreign universities. It was also named as the Base for Conveying and Spreading Chinese Culture in Guangdong Province in 2008.


Teaching & Living Facilities

ZNU is well-equipped with all kinds of teaching and living facilities to meet students’ needs. There are three dining centers, a library with a big capacity, a supermarket, a gymnasium, a bank, a post office, a fitness center, a swimming pool a playground and courts for basketball, tennis and badminton on campus. Besides, the broadband network is also available both in dormitories. These facilities will make students’ life and study more convenient. Generally, four to six students will share a room, which is equipped with a washroom, a bathroom, network, a telephone and a drinking machine. Every student has a closet and a desk set for his computer and books. There are also other facilities such as hot water bath, laundry etc. on every floor. Please refer to the charging standard.

Distinguishing Features: Constructing majors with Chinese characteristic Culture to Spread Chinese Culture As the Base for Conveying and Spreading Chinese Culture in Guangdong Province and a university with a long history and rich cultural deposits, ZNU has set up majors such as Chinese Calligraphy, Chinese National Painting, Chinese Musical Instrument Playing, Chinese Folk Music, Chinese Traditional Dance, Chinese Marshal Arts, Chinese Dragon Boat Race, Massage, Chinese Lion Dance, Chinese Cookery, Chinese Teaching, Chinese Writing and Chinese History.

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