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Tuition & Fees

1.Admission fee: 300.00RMB/per person.

2.Tuition: Students of short-term programs pay all the fees when registering. Students of long-term programs may pay their tuition one semester in advance.

Students Type RMB/semester/per-person Term-beginning Time
Short-term Training Program of Chinese Language
(16-18 periods/week)
2000.00RMB/ year anytime
Long-term Training Program of Chinese Language
(16-18 periods/week)
6800.00 RMB/ year 12600.00 RMB/ year Early March & September
Four-year Undergraduate Program
(Periods would be plan according to the specific major teaching plan)
Liberal Arts 13600.00 RMB/year Early September
Science 14600.00 RMB/year
PE/Art 18600.00 RMB/year


3. Dormitory Fees: students for long-term program could pay fees per-semester or per-year in advance.

Student Dormitory A room for six students with a bathroom a washing machine, a telephone, a watering trough, beds, bureau for share, tables, desks, and so on. 2000.00 RMB/bed/year;
1000.00 RMB/ bed/semester;
250.00 RMB/ bed/month.
(excluding fees for water and electricity)
Guesthouse A double room with a bathroom a telephone, a watering trough, TV, air conditioner, beds, tables, desks, and so on. 50.00RMB/ bed/day; (including fees for water and electricity)

4. Fees for Board: about 15.00RMB/person/day.
5. Insurance: about 1000.00RMB/person/year.
6. The fees for books, medicine, hot water, transportation, internship, visit, and so on, are taken care by students themselves.
7. The campus card “Yi Katong” could be used in the dinning centers, supermarket, library for self-study, and so on.
8. The 80% tuition could be returned if students apply for transfer or leaving school before the courses start, the tuition could not be returned during the study period.
9. Any other agreement involved students could pay fees according to the agreed charge.


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