Application Guide Without Service Fee Guide you how to apply for studying in Lingnan Normal University & Study in gdlnnu


Admission Requirements

1. Foreigners, Chinese of foreign citizenship and overseas Chinese, who are healthy, interested in studying in China and willing to observe the laws and decrees of Chinese Government and the rules and regulations of the university and respect Chinese customs, may apply to the University for Admission.
2. Applicants who would like to take an undergraduate course or to get a bachelor’s degree should pass the Chinese Language Proficiency Test (HSK) with Secondary Level B or the examination of Chinese by ZNU with the level equal to Secondary Level B of HSK.
3. Applicants who would like to take a pre-college class or a class of 4-year undergraduate programs must have a high school diploma or its equivalent and must be 16 to 25 years old. Applicants who would like to study in various kinds of short-term classes are not subjected to any age limit or diploma limit and are exempted from examinations.
4. Applicants for 4-year undergraduate programs are required to study Chinese Language Courses in corresponding level in the first two academic years and must pass HSK High-level B before graduation.
5. Registration Time:ZNU practices a system of two semesters every academic year. The first semester is from September to January and the second from February to July. August 31st each year will be the deadline for submission of application for the following academic year for long-term applicants. Candidates for short-term programs or any non-degree further study can apply at any time.


Application Procedures

1. Applicants are supposed to contact the Office of International Exchange and Cooperation of ZNU for application forms.
2. Applicants should submit the following material with RMB 300yuan admission fee to the Office of International Exchange and Cooperation, Zhanjiang Normal University:
A. Applicants of 4-year undergraduate programs: application forms, a high-school diploma, transcript of complete academic records (including the HSK Test Certificate)
B. Applicants of Pre-college Program: application forms, diploma, transcript of complete academic records.
C. Applicants of Short-term Programs: application forms, a study plan.
3. Applicant who has been admitted by the university will receive an Admission Notice, a Visa Application for Foreigners Wishing to Study in China (JW202 Form) and a Physical Examination Record for Foreigners, with which he/she can present to a nearby Chinese Embassy or Consulate for an entry visa to China.


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